Monday, June 2, 2008

Tiding Over

The Caseys have been busy - Paul was on vacation last week, so there were errands to run and fun to be had visiting Mom's office and wandering around Hoboken on a weekday. We also undertook our first major car trip with Luke - all the way to Maine to visit Grammy & Grandpap. Pics & vids from our trip will come soon, but while we comfort him after his 4-month vaccinations, here are some pictures to tide over Luke's adoring public.

Luke still likes Yo La Tengo, and he likes to ROCK - he even knows how to signal this to others who also like to ROCK.

We have entered the Drool Zone. Here is mixing one favorite activity, drooling, with a least favorite, Tummy Time.

How ridiculously cute is this hat? The onesie has a chinese good luck cat on it. The receipt claimed it was for girls, but I still like it on him. He's just tough enough to carry it off.

A few weeks ago we joined Aunt Tanya and Uncle Rob at Hoboken's BEST ITALIAN RESTAURANT (and there will be no debate on this fact), Leo's Grandevous. Mom & Dad were reacquainted with their menu favorites, and Luke put on his F is for Frank t-shirt for the occasion.

Just another day at the office for Luke. At least he has given up his 2 martini lunch habit.

Awwww...Mother's Day.

Luke's big trip into the city to see Dad's office really tuckered him out. He could barely keep the pacifier in his mouth...

...and eventually he gave up on that endeavor entirely and just spit it out. One of these days, he will actually nap in his crib (but as long as he continues to sleep in there at night, I will not complain. Too much).

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Roberta said...

Just thought you should know that some of the pictures are blocked by microsoft parential controls - just what sort of child are you raising!