Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Breaking the Law

Before some new posts about Luke's visit from his Aunt Amy, his trips to the pool and father's day, one more picture of general cuteness.

Luke has progressed from flopping over when he sits up to being able to lean against something and sort of support himself. He is a long way from being able to really sit up, but is getting there. His new way to pass the time is to sit in his boppy seat and bobble around and drool.

Even better than just sitting in the seat is sitting closer to eye level. In an attempt to get some groceries put away in the kitchen, Paul put him in the boppy, on the stove. Rather than realizing that Dad was breaking every child safety rule possible, Luke decided that sitting on the stove was about the most fun he had ever had.

He looks scared of the plastic bag in this shot, but shortly before was laughing and laughing.

Whoever can find the most safety hazards first wins the chance to call protective services.


Ian said...

i saw the knifes plastic bags sove and something falling on his head.

peter said...

what's for dinner honey?


Paige said...

I'd just like to state for the record that I was out of the apartment when this parenting decision was made by his father.

But Luke DID think it was the most fun EVER. He was quite proud of himself when I got home.