Monday, June 23, 2008

Aunt Amy

Luke was lucky enough to get a visit recently from his Aunt Amy, who in turn was lucky enough to get a cheap last minute deal from Northwest. In addition to giving Paul and Paige some much needed relief in the holding a fussy baby/letting Luke sleep on them department we all enjoyed a nice dinner at Maxwells, a (mostly) successful trip to the pool and a water ice treat. Luke even gave an apartment full of adults an added surprise by sleeping until 9 am on Saturday morning, setting a record that hasn't been broken yet.

Despite lots of hot weather, it was a fun weekend for everyone, and Luke was happy to meet his Aunt for the first time.

Here Amy gives a first-person perspective on why football teams that play under domes are ultimately doomed.
Perfected with her other two nephews, Amy demonstrates her excellent ability to put little ones to sleep.

Thanks for the visit!

Coming next: Luke visits the pool and passes out like a party guy in Mexico.

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Miss Tanya said...

Why is there a baseball on his little fanny?