Monday, August 11, 2008

Amelia, Ann Marie, and Dr. B

About a month ago, Amelia had her baptism. We were lucky enough to get invited by the Swedanaldos to the celebration party (that also tripled as a birthday party for Dr. B and Ann Marie). It was Luke's first trip to the Landmark II, and although he can't partake of the buffet yet, in short time we expect him to start tearing it up, and enjoying the shrimp and sundae bar as much as his parents.

Luke dressed in his best party clothes, courtesy of Great Aunt Bert and Great Uncle Jack. Unfortunately his big ol' bean is already too large for the hat that goes with it.

In addition to lots of eating and drinking, there was a lot of dancing:
Go Scott and Annie!
Go Dr. B and Amelia!
Luke and Amelia take a moment to enjoy their coterie of admirers

Luke and Amelia pose (squirm? drool?) with Rick and Paul

Someone had too much to drink...

Happy Belated birthday Dr. B and Ann Marie!

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Paige said...

I just want to clarify that we enjoy mounds of shrimp and a sundae bar - not a shrimp sundae bar. Ew!