Monday, August 25, 2008

Bibs and Bobs

Before we get get some more posts up on the blog (such as Luke goes on a boat for the first time!, The Cookie Thief! and Luke enjoys Goofus and Gallant!) a few random photos that mostly involve us dressing Luke up in funny outfits.

First up:
Luke semi-enjoying his Bowdoin hat. Though he looks quite cute it in, brims on hats sometimes bug him. That's not him tipping his hat, but rather trying to push it out of the way. Dad is wearing his counterfeit Phillies hat backwards so he doesn't get it grabbed off his head.

Second in a series of hats, is an older one of Luke wearing the awesome winter hat from Mrs. Fahey. Not only is is a crown, but also reverses into a flat chapeau. Despite the fact that the tie-dye combined with the hat makes him look like he is going to a warehouse rave in San Francisco circa 1992, it's still pretty cute.

Finally the last in the series. Despite the general fussiness (hence the pacifier) Dad thought it would be funny to put a pair of sunglasses on Luke. They lasted about as long as it took to squeeze off two shots, and then had to be rescued from mangling in the hands of Baby Hercules. If he ran a tiny crime ring out of the second bedroom, I'm guessing that this would be the disguise he wore to rob banks.

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peter said...

i'll have to change my posting name to gallant