Monday, August 25, 2008

Historical Nerd Trip I (or How's Your Island, Governor?)

Before Luke was born, we often joked about the various historical and educational field trips he'd be taken on as he grew up. It took us less than 6 months to take him on his first Historical Nerd Trip (tm).

Recently, NYC's Waterfront Alliance hosted a "Day of Water" on Governor's Island. Having always been curious about this ideally-located yet rarely-visited isle, Paige & Paul signed right up for the free ferry ride that departed right outside their apartment building (thanks to the Hoboken Historical Museum and NY Waterway), the Working Waterfront boat tour, and packed up Luke, his stroller, and various accoutrement for a big day outside.

Paul, Paige, and Luke showed up bright & early for the boat and received their wristbands from the Historical Society volunteers.

The weather was absolutely perfect for a ferry ride - plus we got a free look at the cool public art project in the city this summer.

Governor's Island was full of people enjoying the sun, the salty air, and learning the story of the amazing island. [If you don't know, Governor's Island was in service, in various capacities, to the military since the American Revolution. It was a key player in the "Battle of Brooklyn," and was, until recently, a Coast Guard Base - complete with, in addition to 18th century forts, barracks, a school, and a bowling alley!]

Seriously, get a load of all of this green space (and the skyscrapers peeking behind them)!
Our Working Waterfront tour was scrapped due to excessive crowds, timing, and the desire to walk around the island some more before heading back to Hoboken...but Paige, Paul, and Luke had a grand time strolling the perimeter of the island - and marveling at the number of people who escaped Manhattan for some green sit on the "stoops" of the barracks. We took a walking tour, had some lunch, we took lots of pictures, and, as we sat on one of the island's many greens, ran into Paige's freshman year RA! Hi, Jen Hand!

Luke took in the Statue of Liberty with Mom...
...and the Brooklyn Bridge with Dad.
Change of clothes and dipe break!
Paul caught Paige & Luke playing when he was touring the Admiral's Quarters.
These statues were so creepy (there is a Sculptor's Guild on the island) that Paige made Paul take some "arty" photos.
Finally, after several hours, 3 dipes, 2 bottles, 1 nap, and lots of sun, fresh air, and walking, Luke was ready for us to stroll him home!

For those of you in and around NYC, we highly recommend a trip to Governor's Island. Free ferries run from lower Manhattan often during the warm months!

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