Friday, August 29, 2008

TEAM LISA Needs Your Support

**this is a rare instance of solicitation on Luke the Boy - but it's for a good cause!**

As many of you know, on Sunday, September 14, 2008, Luke & Paige will join Luke's Auntie Lisa and the rest of TEAM LISA 2008 for the Komen New York City Race for the Cure®.

We have just three weeks to go until the Race, and thanks to the generosity of our friends and family we are 84% of the way to our fundraising goal of $1000! Our team is 73% of the way to our $8000 goal. But we're not at 100% yet!

On race day 22,000 New Yorkers, including 1,500 breast cancer survivors - Auntie Lisa is one of them! - will come together to run breast cancer out of town.

One in eight women in the US will be diagnosed with breast cancer in her lifetime. In 2008, that's over 170,000 people. More than 40,000 will die.

Monies raised are used to fund education, screening, and treatment programs for underserved women in the NY metropolitan area, as well as for local and national peer-reviewed clinical research. Donations can be made through October 31st and are tax deductible.

Last year, Komen Greater NYC raised over $5.2 million, which allowed it to fund more than $3.8 million in grants and research. Team Lisa was a big part of this, earning Luke's Auntie Lisa a place on Komen's Honor Roll for the top 120 individual fund raisers. Luke and I want to help keep Team Lisa on that roll!

Please join us in supporting Komen Greater NYC and Team Lisa this year. Support us, support Auntie Lisa, support our friend, Katie, or just send in your money! Every donation really does count.

Thank you,
Paige & Luke

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