Monday, September 8, 2008

The Electric City: Guest Post #1

Luke recently took a trip to Scranton to visit his Grandparents, and his favorite cousins, Peter and Ian. Not only did Luke take a shine to his older cousins, but they quickly got new nicknames, Goofus (Ian) and Gallant (Peter).

We were able to get some guest posts from them to talk about the visit. Paradoxically Goofus wrote his first, so we will start with him.

This is Goofus.

I have come back from seeing Luke at my Grandparents' house, here are some of the highlights. Luke has grown a lot since I left NJ in April. He is so much more interactive and likes to play with people, not just himself.

He is making good progress eating human food (i.e. banana and rice cereal) but still doesn't have the hang of swallowing – he still spits it back out. Luckily Paul and Paige don't have to tell him to use his silverware and eat his vegetables yet.

His face is starting to look like Paul's but he has a smaller nose. "Pelvic thrusts" are his new thing and he loves when I say my name for 5 minutes straight, and cries when I don't.

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Karen said...

Chloe and Simon object to the "favorite" cousins adjective. :-)