Friday, September 26, 2008

Happy Birthday, Grandpap!

Today is Luke's Grandpap's birthday, so Mom set out to make a special post just for him in honor of the big day. Unfortunately, Luke wanted NOTHING to do with this last night - he had a big day at daycare (walkies! puppetshow! "itsy bitsy spider!"), and he's a little cranky because he is cutting four - that's right, FOUR - new teeth.

First, Mom tried to get a video when he was eating. Mistake. Nothing would distract Luke from his Cheerios.

Then Mom thought that he might do better in the bathroom - his favorite place to play in the evening! She even got out his new obsession: The Luke Bench. Instead of pounding on it all adorably as has been his wont this week, he set out to dismantle it.

She tried again, moving the bench up against the wall. Luke just pushed & pulled & banged it around. I'm sure the downstairs neighbors appreciated that!

Then she took away the bench and gave him some of the letter blocks from it to play with...nope. No time for Mom. In fact, she might as well be torrrrrturing him. When she asked if he could say Happy Birthday, this is the best he would do:

So finally Mom decided to wait until the morning of Grandpap's birthday, when Luke pulled out all of the stops - the Quizzical Face (tm), the Extreme Close-up, Getting His Hands on Something He Knows is Forbidden (the TV was on channel Eleventy when I turned the news back on), and waving!

Happy Birthday, Grandpap!

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