Monday, September 15, 2008

The Electric City: Guest Post #2

And now our second in a series of guest posts, this one from Gallant (Peter):

We arrived in Pennsylvania on a Tuesday but Paul, Paige, and Luke didn't get there until Thursday night late, we had gone to a baseball game and they still got there later than us.

That morning and basically all day we played with Luke. One of the days we left Luke at home and went out to a deli for breakfast and then took Luke along to the mall while we got our birthday presents.

Each evening we helped give Luke his bath and got to witness him turn from his back to his stomach for the first time(ed: ONE of the first times). I was also one of the first people to feed Luke his rice pudding and banana mix. I was sometimes better at feeding him than Paige. I enjoyed visiting Luke and getting to see him again, I hope to see him crawling at x-mas.

Thanks for the posts Peter and Ian! Luke is lucky to have great cousins like you two.

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