Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Gobble Gobble Is What He'll Say

The run-up to Thanksgiving found the Caseys a little run-down.  So we indulged in some lazy weekend mornings.  
 Luke had a bout of pink eye, requiring us to hole up at home.  Harper had requested "a little computer, so I can do work while Baby Goldfish is sleepin'".  Mama whipped one up!
 Harper put Baby Goldfish down for a nap and go to work right away!
 After a folly breaking a geode, Daddy developed a new appreciation for Uncle Joe's trade.
Dr. Harper checked Daddy.
 Dr. Harper was on call last weekend - her pager was blowing up.
 Mama got to visit Luke's class for their Thanksgiving celebration - Mrs. Bassak and Ms. Shebanie taught Team BASH how to churn butter!
 Everyone got a turn!
Afterwards, Mama took Luke out for Starbucks.  He made a call on his Rice Krispie Treat phone.
And Harper's feast in the Giraffe Room was on Wednesday.  They put on quite a show!

Happy Thanksgiving!

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