Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Christmas 2009 in the Electric City: Part the First

This year, Luke and Mom & Dad headed off to Grandma & Grandpa Casey's in Scranton for Christmas. He had practiced everyone's name, eaten a practice run at "Grandma's White Pizza," and picked out good presents for everyone. He was ready!

He got right down to business on day one, playing Sorry with Uncle Steve, "Goofus", and Ritchie (the Casey/Conery's exchange student from Albania).

He then supervised the move-in of the tree (it's Casey tradition to put the tree up on Christmas Eve)

And he helped set it all up - mostly because it earned work gloves

Where's Luke?
He and Uncle Steve celebrated a job well done with some football / tickle tackle

And Aunt Amy kept him from tearing the tree back down

And Grandma took a shift

He had fun hanging ornaments on the tree - and his cousins, Peter & "Goofus", were good to show him how it's done

Another Casey (via Paul's great Aunt Hedy) tradition is to get the kids together to make pretzel cookies - Luke dove right in and sprinkled to his heart's delight!
Grammy, Grandpap, and Uncle Rob should note that "Goofus" was making Black & Gold pretzel cookies for the Steelers
Well done, Luke!

The annual photo of the kids in front of the tree

Finally! Luke was ready (and hydrating) to open presents!

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