Sunday, January 10, 2010

Christmas in the Electric City: Part the Third

And so, the tree was put up & decorated, the presents were wrapped and then quickly opened, the stockings were hung by the chimney with care, sorted through with glee and abandon, and then things really got going at 817 Olive Street!

On Christmas night, the Caseys entertain friends and colleagues in town on the holiday. We all gussy up a bit and Luke was no exception, busting out his adorable Mandarin suit, purchased by Daddy many moons ago in Hong Kong....before Luke was a twinkle in his eye.

Luke and Mama read a book while waiting for the cheese ball to make its appearance

Soon they got to making quick work of the cheese ball!

Luke was kind enough to delivery becheese'd crackers to his Uncle Steve

And ate plenty himself

He stopped in for a snuggle with Mama

He took off his jacket and got casual...

After dinner, Luke's teenage cousins "helped" him play with his Batman motorcycle, setting up an extensive series of ramps, hypothesizing about and testing the motorcycle's limits, power, and range

The next morning, Mommy slept in and Luke & Daddy had a lot of fun playing blocks with Uncle Steve...

...eating Grandpa's pancakes

...enjoying Grandpa's pancakes

...really enjoying them

He showed off a new party trick in celebration, too

After breakfast, the boys and men decamped to the Scranton Public Library (yeah, public libraries! Come on, PA!) to check out the choo choo display

Peter and "Goofus" made excellent docents

Who do you think is having more fun here?

On their way home, Luke collected a snow ball to bring to Mama, just like in The Snowy Day!

Of course it wouldn't be a trip to Scranton without stories being read by Grandpa

Luke took time out to call Grammy in Pittsburgh, taking the phone from Mommy and hogging it for about 10 minutes of jibber jabber about doppy (pizza), Ben, Eeeeee-yan, and Grandpa

Grandma and her team of elves made SEVEN white pizzas for dinner - Luke really enjoyed watching the dough stretching and kneading part. It's only a matter of time until he graduates to cheese grating duties!

Lots of old clothes were sorted through on this trip, too - this unearthed Daddy's old dashiki. As you can see, Luke was wary at first...

...but he (sort of) pulled it together in the end
...and then wanted it OFF toot sweet

He also discovered Daddy's old bathrobe. Look out Hef!

More Grandpa stories!

Finally, the holiday wrapped up with the Annual Measuring of the Grandkids by Grandpa. Ian is an old pro at this

But Luke remains uncertain

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