Monday, January 25, 2010

2009 -->2010

Mom, Dad, and Luke decided to spend New Year's with their bffs in Beantown.

While Paige, Paul, Fran, and Mer did their best to keep up with this crazy kids, the weekend mostly looked like this

But also lots of this

And healthy doses of this (I mean, seriously, HOW CUTE?)

New England did not disappoint and delivered some snow for us - and Luke even went out & played in it! (for approximately 10 minutes)

I think Carmen gave him her best come hither look...

...and a winning smile. He's talked a lot about "Baby Carrrrrmen" and "Cheeeeah" since we got home. And "Aunt Fran. Mer. Carmen Mama! Mama? Carmen?"

And sorry, Aunties, she's a Phanatic now!
Happy New Year, everyone!

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