Friday, January 8, 2010

Christmas in the Electric City: Part the Second

When we last left our hero, he was ready to open presents. Shortly after the tree went up, the presents were wrapped, pictures were taken, and we all settled in for some pre-Christmas Eve Dinner present opening!

Luke, being the youngest, got to go first (note the Spiderman paper dad picked out)

Mom & Dad got him a dinosaur (Luke and Mommy named him "RAWR")

But better than the presents was throwing away the discarded wrapping paper!

Aunt Amy got him his very own ornament - a "poke-y" hedgehog

He modeled one of Peter's presents - a head lamp for his winter camping expedition (Winter camping. in Minnesota. in Winter.)

And he modeled some of Aunt Roberta's presents, too

On Christmas morning, we sent Luke in to wake up both Peter and "Goofus" so that we could all get to going through the stockings Santa had filled for us. Peter looks bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, no?
(you can't see it here, but Luke has a new stocking, courtesy of Grandma. It won second prize at the Harford Fair! Mom's stocking remains the only Blue Ribbon Award Winning Stocking. Not that she's keeping track)

There's the stocking! It has bears and geese!

Here he is showing off his Steelers choo choo from Grammy & Grandpap

And his new placemats - a big hit! - from Peter

And helping Mommy with the gloves Santa brought

He spent a lot of time gathering up the candies we all got in our stockings, placing them in this bowl (made by Aunt Amy), and carrying them around, dumping them out, lather, rinse, repeat...

"Goofus" hides his identity and shows off his Terrible Towel (or, per his father, his "touchdown towel")

"Goofus" and his Steelers gear. Too bad he won't get to use it during the playoffs...

You can see how Luke feels about how the Steelers' season ended

Coming up next, a trip to see choo choos at the library, more hi jinx with his cousins, and his cousins and aunts come to Hoboken!

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