Saturday, January 2, 2010

The Bromance

The weekend before Christmas we had a snowstorm. Our friends, the Kornbluhs, came 'round to help learn to play in the snow (FAIL). So, we decamped to our apartment, played with Luke's toys while we waited for the pizza to arrive. Luke's favorite thing about the Kornbluhs is their youngest, Ben. Ben, with whom Luke goes way back, is oft-referred to around our house - sometimes Luke goes looking for him after naps, blows up his celly on pretend phone calls, and mentions him on real phone calls to Grammy. When asked who is best buddy is, the answer is almost always "BEN!"

Here, Ben's Daddy, Jed, entertains Luke, Ben, and Ben's big sister, Evie.

And Luke & Ben enjoyed the Jack in the Box monkey. (The observant may notice that Ben has a shirt identical to Luke's. Coincidence?)

And finally, TICKLE TACKLE!

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