Sunday, November 3, 2013

Smell Their Feet!

Yay!  Halloween!
Luke had been set on being the red Ninjago ninja for months, but Harper went back and forth between Wonder Woman, a doctor, and....

(and Aunt Slater commissioned a special Hulk barrette for her!)
The headgear really makes the ensemble. Oh, and the hands.  And the "gween make up!"
Ninja photobomb!
Showing off their moves.
Serious Ninja is serious.
 Headgear was quickly abandoned once the trick or treating was underway.
"You let me know if you see a mummy, OK," said Harper, "and I will smash them because I am very brave of them."
 And Harper has announced that "next year?  We will all be vampires for Halloween and we will suck everybody's BWOOD."
Word on the street has it that Luke and his friend, Gavin, are already cooking up plans for next year's costumes.

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