Friday, November 22, 2013

Ain't We Got Fun?

Dress up continues to be a grand pastime at Casa de Casey - here SUPERGIRRRRRL battles the...uh...Old Prospector?
 Luke didn't have any school on Veteran's Day, so rather than spend another day in "day camp," he and Mama decided a day in the city might be fun.  Here they are waiting for the train.
 A pro at straphanging!  Or at least on pole-holding.
 We met up with Aunt Slater!
Check out that toddler behind us, trapped in her 5-point harness, knowing instinctively that she is missing out on all the Aunt Slater Fun.
We visited Toys R Us in Times Square to do some Christmas List Research.
Luke took this picture "to show Harper."

Aunt Slater treated Luke to a Lego Chima set - he was quite excited once we got it all together!


Aunt Slater also had him pick out some Legos for Harper - which he promptly put together before she got home from school.  She's doing karate!

Harper attended her first "friend birthday party" a few weekends ago.

The parachute... still delights the preK set.
 Last weekend, with soccer over and no obligations, we declared it a KIDS' CHOICE DAY.
Naturally, they picked LEGOLAND.
Luke built a race car.
And raced very seriously.
We finally made time to take a "Master Builder" class. 
Guess what this will be?
Mama's partner, Harper, did a surprisingly good job following along.
Halfway there!
Paul and Luke did a great job, too!
Turkey complete!
Up a steep and very narrow stairway!
To family yoga class!
(no one in yoga ever gets this reference)
Guess who was teacher's pet?
Hint: Not Mama.  Not Luke.
Pirate.  Packers fan.  Baby doll mama.  
It's hard being almost-3.
Mama has been on a mad organizational tear - Harper's old changing table/dresser was converted in an arts and crafts supply station.  Behold! The order!  And random set of Lego wheels...dammit.
Kid kitchen and baby doll accoutrements were reorganized downstairs - again, success!
As I said, Luke had his last soccer game of the season, guesting on bestie Gavin's team.
They have the perfect blendship, no?

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