Monday, November 4, 2013

Next Stop Grand Central

A city date with Aunt Lisa was in order to celebrate her completion of the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer in October.  39 miles!
After much deliberation, it was decided that we'd explore Grand Central Terminal - after many many many MANY readings of Aunt Roberta's gift of Next Stop Grand Central my Maira Kalman.

 So they gussied up.
And headed to the train station!
Harper had never ridden the train before and she was SOOOOO excited.  We didn't have the heart to break it to her that the Metro-North Hudson Line is not quite the H Train she kept talking about riding.
We brought the book with us to bone up on our GCT knowledge en route.
 She was mesmerized.
 After meeting Aunt Lisa under the clock and exploring all Grand Central has to offer (and making a pit stop at the gift shop - note Luke's L Train hat), we headed out - lucking into a children's book exhibit at the NYPL.
Insert a Phantom Tollbooth reference here.  Not Mama's wheelhouse.
 They drank the drink to get small.
 And Harper plopped down with some Peter Rabbit.  Meaning Mama has had the song from You're A Good Man, Charlie Brown in her head ever since.
 The took a load off in The Secret Garden.
 Then onto Bryant Park to Le Carousel!
Luke and Aunt Lisa cozied up to the Headless Horseman!
 Everyone should have an Aunt Lisa.
 As far as he is concerned, the Statue of Liberty.
 WE did other things - stopped by the Empire State Building (Harper was very disappointed that no vampires were present), had dinner, and strolled back to the train.
Y'all, NYC is exhausting.
 Don't worry, Harper scored at the gift shop, too.  
Here she is modeling her new threads and yelling THANK YOU, AUNT LISA!

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