Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Autumnal Bouillabaisse

Days are shorter, air is colder, and it actually snowed a little this morning.  YAY.
Fortunately, Luke is well-outfitted with spider gloves from Grammy.
We carved a jack-o-lantern this year, and it was cold enough to keep it from getting mushy before Halloween.
We visited LEGOLAND's Brick or Treat event - collecting the bibs and bobs that make up the LEGO pumpkin Luke's modeling below.
At LEGOLAND, all the employees wear LEGO guys on their name tags.  You can ask to trade a LEGO guy you have for one from the employees.  Luke dug through Daddy's stash for all of the faceless, one-eyed, hobbled misfits in advance of our trip.
4D movie fun!
Harper entered the Wizard's Potion Room and rode the ride!
Mama needed glasses for her Halloween costume.  Harper has taken them over and gave late 70s realness in this picture.
We went to Teatown to crunch in some leaves.  "Stand by the sign so we can take a picture," said Mama.  Hardy har har.  NERDS.
Wherever did they get so smart alecky?  Hmmm....
Nerds of a feather!
Luke set about making a "fairy house" on the trail.
Harper was permitted to provide minimal assistance.  Or, rather, given the task of finding "the right leaves," that were almost entirely rejected by Luke.
She didn't mind.
Or give up.
Former Boy Scout Daddy stepped in to help the structure acquire some lean-to-it-ness.
Why yes, he DID wear his cleats for a nature walk, why?
Finished product!
Walking stick!
Before the Kings' annual Halloween party, the kids helped Mama make Kiss Cookies.
Daddy read a magazine.
Unwrapping kisses!
Eating kisses!
Daddy, still reading his magazine!
Deeeeelicious.  Thumbs up from Harper!
Toy catalogs have begun the annual deluge.  The kids have spent many an evening studying them.  On one evening, after asking if she could have everything on every page of the catalog, and finally hearing Mama's response of "put it on your Christmas list!" Harper set to making one toot sweet.
It required alllll the pencils.
Her list. Per her, it reads: 
"Dear Harper, This is what she wants, OK? It is the owl house on the magazine, OK?"
The huh on the what now?

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