Tuesday, June 11, 2013


In the continuing theme of "It Takes A Village to Keep Paige Sane When Paul is Gone for 17 Days," Mama and Harper were allowed to tag along on a Dads and Boys Car Show outing on Sunday - making the final hours of Daddy's absence fly by!

Some of Luke's friends and their dads have created an annual tradition of attending the Maryknoll Car Show here in Ossining.  A gorgeous backdrop for a fun morning, no doubt.
 Harper graciously allowed Pink Teddy to ride in her stroller.  After spending a good 3 minutes getting the straps just. so.
 The kids' runaway favorite part was the 2 car "Olde Tyme Halloween" display.
 Oddly, Harper was unafraid.  (Chinese Dragon Dance, though?  WORST. THING. EVERRRR.)
 "Look!  He is VERY CWEEPY!" she screamed delightedly.
 One of the macabre figures had a speaker built in and was "talking" to the kids (there was an old car guy about 20 feet away with a microphone).  It was hard to tell who found it more delighting - the amazed kids or the rascally car guys.  Or the dads feeding the car guy kids' names.
 Boys run amok!
 Harper took her kids' ballot VERY seriously
Face painting!
Better yet: FREE face painting!
Luke and bestie Gavin got matching snakes.  Of course?
And these boys are all just amazing little guys. Luke is beyond lucky to have such great friends.
 There was no question that Harper was getting a cupcake.
 A SPARKLY cupcake, no less.
 Our band of troublemakers got the bounce house to themselves for a while.  Mama was worried about Harper in there with those crazy boys, but as you can see (fore right), she more than held her own.
 She'd peek out every few minutes to yell "MAMA!  I AM HAVING *SO MUCH FUN* IN THE BOUNCEY HOUSE!"

The Ossining SWAT truck was in attendance.  Mama's FAVORITE.
The kids got a gander at all of the gear - holding the battering rams and the shield.
 Sitting in the back of the truck.
 Some more work on her ballot.
 Slot cars!
Ice cream!  Before lunch! (Y'all, it was H O T)

See you next year, Maryknoll.  Or at least Luke and Daddy will!

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