Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Moving Up Day!

Daddy got home just in time for Luke's Moving Up Day at All Aboard.  The Koalas celebrated their friends moving up to be the "big kids" in preK, and those, like Luke, leaving for kindergarten.  And Mama experienced minimal blubbering!

Waiting to begin...
A song in ASL, "Love Grows."
Diplomas were conferred
Everyone told us what they wanted to be when they grow up - the Koalas had lots of teachers, firemen, and policemen, and also a taxi driver and a garbage man!
Note the baseball diamond (not to scale) to the left, "dirt on my knees from sliding to base, my #6, and my cleats."
Mama: Luke, why do you only have one arm?!?
Luke: Because I forgot the other one.  
After the ceremony, we busted Harper out of the Pony Room and let her join the reception in Luke's classroom.  She is blurry because she was gobbling 3 cookies in rapid fire fashion while Mama was distracted with small talk.
The parents struggled mightily to get a picture of the besties, who were playing coy.
There we go!  Sadly, 4th Musketeer, Chase, was not having it.
Personally, I like how Ryan (center) is selling it in EVERY. SHOT.
Harper joined the shot.
And she photobombed Luke's picture with Mama.
Luke and his teachers, Denise (left) and Sharyn (right)
Goofy faces!

Sharyn was nice enough to give all of the parents the pictures of their kids from the past year.  I think you can see from the below that Luke LOVES school!  And owns only 3 shirts!

Riding bikes with Tyler on the playground
"I am the clown of the class."
William Tell Day?
Leprechaun Lukey!
you may recall he pioneered the beard and "moooostache"
Not being so coy here.
Locomotion's climbing wall
Drama Center, his favorite!
Look out, Park School, here comes Luke Casey!
(after summer camp at All Aboard, of course)

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