Wednesday, June 5, 2013

While Daddy's Away...

We've been doing our best to keep busy while Daddy is away.  Fortunately, it's a busy time of year!

The Koalas celebrated the approaching end of the "school year" by have a Wacky Hair & Pajama Friday.  
"I can throw a knuckleball!  Look!"
Apparently this also required baseball accouterments?
Harper, thoroughly AGGRIEVED that there was not a Pajama and Wacky Hair Friday in the Pony Room...
...decided an eye patch and lemur would do.
Mac the Bear (left), Luke (center), and Luke the Bear (right)
We had t-ball in sweltering heat.  The kids did not care one bit.
Mama and special guest Aunt Slater did their best to remain cool.
Well, maybe the sun was getting to Luke.
 The Miller's Gulf Falcons' Cutest Fan
The tubs were dug out and the hose uncoiled
(pardon my finger obscuring the joy in this shot)
They played like this for a good 2 hours. 
Harper's signature smile move
Most fun?  A ziploc bag full of water.
Strong work, Aunt Slater.
Googly eyes and glue sticks were used.  Some (Harper) use the glue stick more liberally than others (or anyone else ever). 
They got gussied up for an outing to Stew Leonard's (or, as they call it, Old MacDonald's)
Yes, Luke is wearing a rash guard/swim shirt. Mama picks her battles.
And on Sunday, more tubs!  This time with the tea set!
Luke manned the hose.
Shhh, they're playing nicely together. DON'T ACKNOWLEDGE OUT LOUD.
They ran a "lemonade stand."
The waitress did NOT respect my personal space.
And then, like something out of a Loony Toons feature, the hose burst!
Mama attempted a duct tape patch.
Everything her father told her about duct tape now considered a LIE.
The kids adapted.  SPRINKLER!
And then, there was resting.
Living the suburban dream with rocket pops.
Red tongues.
"Take a picture of my blood mustache."  (I don't know, don't look at me)
Not everyone in Fez wears a fez.
12 sleeps down, 4 to go!

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