Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Dateline Ossining: Besties Face Off in TBall

After a game postponement on account of rain and a very soggy field 2 weekends ago, it was FINALLY the day for the Miller's Gulf Falcons to battle the Carvel Ice Cream Braves!  Or, in Luke's words, "we're versing Gavin's team."  

The two of them were so adorably excited!  Gavin came running up to us when he got there, and their bitter rivalry was captured for posterity.
Here's where they were told, "yell baseball!" 
Warming up!
Casey at the Bat.
King at Catcher.
And vice versa.
There is a lot of this in every game.
 Post game Coach Joe Talk!
 Hands in!  GOOOOOO Falcons!!!

And where was Harper?
Tending Baby Goldfish.
"Baby Goldfish needs sunscreen!"

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