Monday, June 24, 2013

Photo Catch-Up

Catching up....

A few more from before Daddy came home...
We talked to him on the computer a few times.  But mostly Luke and Daddy fought to be heard over Harper asking "ARE YOU BRINGING ME SOAPYS?  DO YOU HAVE LOTS OF SOAPYS, DADDY?  FOR ME?"
(at one point, one of her teachers asked Mama "Is her daddy really in China?  And he's bringing her...soap?")
We enjoyed evenings outside.
What would Harper do for a Klondike bar?
Get topless, apparently.
Cosigned for laundry purposes.  We had also had spaghetti and meatballs for dinner.
She is not "tidy."
Luke lost ANOTHER tooth!  This time it happened at school, so he got to be very official and grown up about it as the Lost Tooth Ambassador (he's the only Koala to lose one yet).
His bravery under tooth-losing fire features prominently in a video message they made for Daddy.
Sometimes there was this.
Often this.
Lots of this....
...turning into this
Aunt Tanya came up for a bbq and dance party!
And just plain silly dance parties to Harper's new favorite, "Yogurt Song."
And then Daddy came home with his presents.  Luke got this guy, "Scoopy,"and promptly built him a brick house.  And took a picture of it.
Harper got her precious Soapys.  (She really calls them "my precious Soapys!")
Oh, and a panda, too.  Whatever.
"Wion is having a Soapy birthday party!  At Padera!"
Do you mean Panera, Harper?
Oh, how Mama loves being able to serve messy things like Italian Ice on the patio!
Harper enjoys a pluot while Luke dances.
To celebrate Moving Up Day, Mama busted Luke out of school early the next day for a "Luke and Mama Date."
He chose a mani/pedi ("I like going to the nail salon because it is very relaxing after a hard day at school.")
He chose orange and silver.  And had to be dissuaded from paying extra for a massage.  The last few weeks of PreK are streesful, you guys.
He was adorable getting his pedicure while intently studying his LEGO Idea Book.

Then there was ice cream

There was going to the car wash (also his suggestion), but it's not pictured here.

He was a Secret Agent taking copious notes on their Father's Day prep pit stop at Target.
Haircut "Before"
Haircut "During"
And Haircut "After."  Day of Handsome: Complete!
"I look like I am going to a business meeting!"
Then he tried to convince Mama that she should buy him a suit and a tie.  "For when I get haircuts."
There is still T-ball on Saturdays.
And strawberries are in at the Farmer's Market!
They made a "snuggle nest."
Harper "helped" make Father's Day pancakes.  She never stopped talking or moving long enough to do more than "dump" the milk in the bowl.
They brought their baby dolls to the "hotel."
And here is Harper, trying to convince us to let her "bring CUPCAKE SHIRT outside to play before dinner."  
The kids set the table for a Father's Day feast!
They made use of their trays and sporks from Auntie Lisa!
Corn, deceptively daintily.
Can't talk.  Eating.

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