Friday, June 28, 2013

LEGOLAND! ....Discovery Center

It was time!  They day had come!  Luke's hard-won sticker count was paying off with a trip to LEGOLAAAAAND!
As Mama checked them in, he studied up.
 Harper, slightly overwhelmed by it all.
 But she acclimated quickly.
Just before Luke & Co. were informed that that is NOT a swing, it's a wrecking ball for soft Lego towers...Oops.
 "4D" movie fun!
 As philosophically opposed to the PINK! and PURPLE! "girl" Legos as Mama is, Harper did enjoy spending a good half an hour...
 ...making Lego cupcakes.
Mama caved further and BOUGHT those damned things for her.
She loves them.
 LEGO GIRAFFE in the Duplo Village
 Luke cashed in his tooth fairy and other assorted piggy bank savings in the gift shop and was LOADED DOWN with his parcels.  So hard, you guys.
 Did he talk to his Ninjago sword (and sheath) all the way home?
Pretty much.
 Harper, on the other hand, CONKED OUT.

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